My Why

Fleeting Moments Photography is a business built by a true labor of love since 2011. I have a child that is on the spectrum so I am very sensitive to clients that may have special needs. My intuitive nature senses the energy level of your children and works with them. My positive attitude and easy going personality puts everyone at ease and has them feeling comfortable in front of the camera. I can even get the grumpiest people to smile.

In a former life, I lived in Connecticut but my family and I decided that Cape life is the way to go in 2017 and we love it! We have two children and boy do they keep us on our toes. We are a family of animal lovers - 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 hamsters. Murphy and Scooby Doo are our dogs. Nikon and Peewee are the cats and the hamsters are Mookie and Mickey. We live a crazy good life and are so blessed.

When I am not behind the lens I enjoy drinking wine by the fire, going to the beach and enjoying a good book.

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A rare family photo where my teenager is smiling.

A rare family photo where my teenager is smiling.