Thanks so much for booking your family session with Fleeting Moments Photography! I am looking forward to meeting you and your family.

The hardest part is over - you chose your photographer. Now, it's my turn to capture your family as they are every single day - but in dressier clothes ;-)

If there's anything that you want to share about the dynamic in your family please do. It helps me so I can understand how to better work with everyone. If your husband hates photos but is doing this to make you happy, let me know. I will immediately put him at ease. If your child is not the easiest child to handle, give me a heads up. I will bring extra ammo (candy) to share. I have no problem with bribes. They work. Tried and true. The more up front you are with me the better I can capture your family. I don't judge. And believe me - I have seen lots of challenging behavior. I have a child with autism. It does not phase me. 

The number one thing I can say is please, don't stress. I look at family photo sessions as a family bonding experience because they really are a journey. Most of my clients can't believe how quickly our time has gone by and they have had such a fun time. 


Some people ask what they should wear. I typically say to wear what is comfortable. If we are shooting on the beach you don't need to worry about shoes. I recommend to avoid busy patterns or neon colors. If there's someone in your group that's tough to dress, let them pick their outfit then coordinate everyone else around their color scheme. 


A few days before your session, I will text you or call you to confirm our session. If the weather looks like a bust, we can look at alternative dates or times. 

COntact me

You can call me at any time if you have a question or just want to chat. If you get my voicemail, I will call you back quickly. I can be reached at 203-394-2234.

Thank you again for booking with me. Our session will be a blast!