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Blogging. It's the little thing that every business owner needs to do but really doesn't want to do!

So, here we are. My first blog. This is what I am going to do: I'm going to blog about my adventures with my clients. Each family is so different. As a photographer, I get to have fun with kids and adults alike and capture them so they don't forget this stage in their life. I also get to spend most of my summer evenings on the beaches of Cape Cod capturing memories.


It's really important to take photos - be it on your cell phone or having them professionally done. How many times do we look at photos and remember back to a time or an event that was so special? For me, it's very often. I can't believe that my son is almost a teenager (eek) and that my daughter is going to hit double digits this year. I miss the times that they were little but I didn't make the mistake that my parents made. I have photographed every single moment. Like the time when my son was in the fedora hat stage. Or he only wore dress shirts with ties (now he's addicted to adidas and won't get out of them). Or how my daughter would dressed mis matched everyday. Or how she would never brush her hair. 

So, enjoy my blog. I look forward to introducing you to some amazing families. And, if you want to book a session with us, please contact us 

- Denise

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