Alison and Elias get hitched!

Update on the happy couple: Alison and Elias welcomed their beautiful daughter into the world on January 3rd Youssef is so proud and loves having a little baby sister. 


For me, I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. Alison and Elias found me through an app called Thumbtack. I sent them a quote for their wedding photos and that’s where it all started. Their wedding was taking place on Cape in the Summer however they lived in Stratford. The fit was perfect.

I got chills hearing about how fun the wedding was going to be with all the details they had incorporated. Alison and Elias were getting married in Brewster. They were serving local beer, having a pizza truck, and had a steel drum band playing at their wedding. One surprise that I found out days before is that Alison and Elias were pregnant! How cool is that!

On the day of the wedding, it was raining. After all, rain is good luck – right?


The first look went off without a hitch. The groom and their son were waiting for Alison to come up to them and when she did Elias was in tears already. His beautiful bride was anxiously awaiting his reaction and their son was hiding his face with the flowers just like I asked him to. Elias turned around and just could not stop crying tears of joy. Such a sweet moment! Up until this point only Alison’s mom had seen the dress so they really did not know what to expect. Their son was so amazed to see her and told her she looked “so beautiful”. He touched her hair, her earrings and demanded a group hug. Their son left with the best man and we were able to do some formal portraits at the beach before heading back to the house.  Somehow, we planned the timing just  as there was a 5k in Brewster at the same time on the same road!

Vineyard Vines is just perfect for a Cape Cod Wedding

Vineyard Vines is just perfect for a Cape Cod Wedding

The ceremony was just perfect. The grandfather officiated the wedding and the Grandmothers had a part in the ceremony as well. There were tears had by everyone, including me. Their vows were absolutely perfect and you could just feel the love exuding from the couple. After the ceremony the families were hugging and you could just see that they were so happy to be joined together as a family.


The location they chose was absolutely stunning. The house was really pretty and held tons of people. But the show-stopper was the lake at the back of the property which made the best backdrop. The ceremony showcased the water in the background - which was so stunning.

Pizza was dinner! It was amazing too!

Pizza was dinner! It was amazing too!

The vibe of the day was love and fun and I feel fortunate to have been chosen to capture Alison and Elias’ day. They truly have become friends of ours and I look forward to seeing their family grow year after year.