Why should you choose a professional photographer?

As a photographer when people ask me, “Can’t I just take a good picture by myself?” of course I’m going to advocate for myself and say, “It would probably be best to get them taken.” That being said, my experience as a photographer has certainly taught me a few things about the craft and skill that goes into a great photo, not to mention the right equipment. I truly believe that it is better and much more efficient to get your pictures taken professionally and I’d like to educate people as to why.

One thing that people will notice in a professionally taken picture is the quality of the photo. Now, with the advancement of technology many people are able to get good quality pictures on their smartphones and tablets. However, a professional camera (handled correctly of course) will produce images that have better focus and more intention. Since lenses are interchangeable, you can produce an image that matches what you are shooting. For example, in portrait photography many photographers choose an 85mm or a 50mm lense so that they can get extremely close to their subjects and capture many details, while landscape photographers will use a lense that has more range like the 35mm.

Another thing about getting your photos done professionally is photographer's knowledge of the camera. The three main adjustments in a camera are aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. Aperture has to do with a photo’s depth of field meaning how much is blurred in the background. If a photographer is trying to capture someone’s eye, for example, they may want to use a lower aperture so that the person’s eye will be the main focus of the photo. This also adds to artistry which I will mention later.  ISO has to do with how much light is allowed into the shutter. In low lighting, a photographer will raise the ISO of the camera to allow more light into the shutter but if the lighting is brighter, like daylight, the photographer will lower their ISO so that the camera lets in less light. Either way, being able to use ISO correctly is crucial since your subjects depend on it to be seen. It is also important to note that a well-trained photographer will pick lighting situations that will most benefit the subject. Shutter speed is pretty self explanatory, it determines how fast the shutter opens and closes. Depending on what a photographer is shooting, they may have to raise their shutter speed on fast-moving subjects and lower it for slower-moving subjects. Shutter speed can also allow photographers to adjust the lighting on their subjects. For example, if their ISO is at at brightness they prefer but parts of the image are blown out, they may raise the shutter speed on the camera to balance out the light. A lot of this information can be overwhelming for people who are not professionals, hence why we have photographers. A good camera is nothing without someone who knows how to use it. 

The last thing I feel that makes professionals a better choice is their artistry. A professional photographer is an artist and they have an eye for things that some people may necessarily not notice. For example, when editing, a photographer might see that the picture is slightly yellow or purple and be able to fix it using the right tools and settings. This is said loosely, however, since every photographer has their own style. A photographer's style is very personal to them, it is their trademark. The thing is, that there are SO many different photographers to choose from that at least one will have a style that you like. You will have pictures that maybe you never dreamed of being able to take, pictures that can be dramatic or joyous depending on what you prefer. Photographers are able to tell stories through their photographs and are trained with an eye to facilitate this vision.

To me it makes perfect sense why getting your photos professionally done is a good idea. The combination of photographer and camera makes for photos that are clean, evoke feeling, and are everlasting. Whether you are a musician wanting stage photos or a family wanting a portrait, professional photography is certainly the way to go. And think about it, with a professional photographer, you can be in all of the shots or just some of the shots, but knowing you have that option is key. 

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Large family sessions are the perfect way to document a moment in time. Fleeting Moments Photography makes sessions fun and painless. 

Large family sessions are the perfect way to document a moment in time. Fleeting Moments Photography makes sessions fun and painless.