Moving Time

Sometimes in life we make decisions that are very exciting yet terrifying at the same time.

Almost 13 years ago I gave birth to an amazing little boy, Gavin. Now when you have children you know your life is going to change but you can’t quite grasp how much so you roll with it and life moves on. Three years later we had our daughter Phoebe and she was perfect in every way possible. When Phoebe was three and in preschool we decided that it was time for me to re-enter the work world but work from home.  That was the year Fleeting Moments Photography was born, six years ago already!


Fast forward a few years and Gavin was diagnosed with Aspbergers. He was always an energetic child that was strong willed but all of the pieces fell into place once we knew what his issues were and how to deal with them.

Fast forward to the present time and we are making a decision as a family to provide Gavin with an education that will help him succeed in life. We are moving our family to Cape Cod on a full time basis so he can have an education system that will teach him the way he needs to be taught.  The state of Massachusetts has the strictest laws when it comes to special education and I now know this is where we need to be. I am tired of fighting the education system to get him what he needs. It’s draining.

But please don't fret my Connecticut families! I will still be working in Connecticut to capture your family photos. I have so many loyal customers and would never want to leave you high and dry. We have tons of family in this area since we grew up here. We will be announcing dates that we will be back to do family photos in Connecticut. Make sure to like my Facebook page and follow it. I will also send out emails with dates so you can plan ;-)

Change is hard but I am inspired by this quote every single day: "Leap and the Net will Appear"