Finicky weather with a perfect family

A Connecticut spring can go one of two ways; freezing or absolutely perfect. The funny thing is that we were scheduled for Saturday, everyone showed up, and it started downpouring! 

Toddler portrait

You can tell from the photo above, these kids were not having it - even though we gave it our best shot ;-(

Thankfully the next day the weather worked in my favor, creating the perfect backdrop for the day’s photoshoot. With the help of my amazing assistant and the exquisite scenery of Boothe Memorial Park the McIntosh family were not only going to have an updated portrait, they were also going to have endless photos of the family’s two beautiful little girls.

Family portrait at Boothe Park


The family wanted to recreate a portion of their first  photoshoot before their youngest was born in which that daughter wore the outfit and used the props the older daughter previously had. I thought this was absolutely adorable, and was ecstatic to be able to capture this moment for them.  

When I arrived on location (the second time) I was feeling content. The day was so fresh. Birds were chirping. Meeting with the family was a breeze and light chatter accompanied our walk to the first spot we would be shooting in. I chose a subtle archway with copious amounts of leafy green trees behind it and positioned the family in the perfect formation. Now, when working with young kids (which both of the girls were), you’re always going to have some squirming and shyness, however the innate feeling children have to be themselves makes for an even more authentic looking picture. I was able to combat their shyness by complimenting them. Also, I asked the oldest for help in making her younger sister pay attention to the camera when taking individual shots. Her newfound importance boosted her confidence, and when it came time to take single portraits of her she beamed for the camera.

toddle playing in the park


Our second spot was an expansive field complete with a large cherry blossom tree. In addition to more family shots I also got pictures of the girls running around and playing, completely consumed in their innocent nature. It was heartwarming to watch them together and feel the love the family had for each other. Being that the girls were so well behaved, the shoot went rather quickly and we were soon parting ways. As I packed my gear into my car with the help of my daughter and assistant, I was overcome by the fluidity of the shoot and how sweet it was to see the family together. I am constantly reminded of why I take pictures and the McIntosh family is definitely one of those reasons. I traveled home knowing that they would have their photos as soon as possible, to gaze at in unexpected times and smile remembering past versions of themselves.